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Extravagant - chic multilayered necklace - essential for your own collectiom with Ventalia Element full crystallized with Swarovksi elements and Howlite Semiprecious stone.

- 2 Multilayered necklaces made with Original Swarovski elements and a base of 14 k Gold plated with anallergic treatment.

-Ventalias element is gold plated with clear Swarovski elements and a central Howlite stone. 

Howlite is the stone of: Relaxation, Patience,Memory.

Ventalia Element can be removed with a simple "click " and use the 2 layered swarovski necklaces as bases for everyday outfits. 

Ventalia element can be used as a necklace, pendant on bracelets, key accessorie, clothing accessorie and more.


Ventalias Couture Project layered necklaces

375,00 €Τιμή
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