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The Collection was a compendium of Queens-princess & duchess -y fairy-tale fantasies.

“Today, every girl wants to be a princess,” Natasa Christodoulou asserted at a preview. “Today, everything is possible for the young generation!”

NATC see herself as storyteller as much as fashion/ jewel designer, whose job is to divert people’s anxieties away from reality.

“We know how the world is today. Fashion makes people dream—this is the service fashion gives,” Natasa Christodoulou concluded.

Her collection is The continuation of Winter 2023/2024 “Reign Era “ collection - updated with a Spring Twist !
Royality-Gardens-Nature - Luxury !
This jewellery collection is inspired by the royal gardens and incorporates motifs - colors and elements of reminiscentof the lush of the beauty found in the gardens of royal palaces around the world .




• Floral Motifs : Flowers are central to garden themes .
Jewelry pieces are often intricate designs of roses , lillies , orchids or other flowers commonly found in royal gardens.
•Vibrant gemstones : the use of gemstones to capture the rich colours found in gardens for example : emeralds for lush greenery, sapphires for blue sky and water futures and rubies for vibrant blooms.
•Filigree and Intrigate detailing : Incorporate filigree work or detailing reminiscent of the fine craftsmanship often seen in royal jewelry.
Butterflies: 🦋 Royal Gardens are home for various fauna , so NATC decide to take butterfly element as the ICONIC SYMBOL of “REIGN ERA - ROYAL GARDEN “ collection.
• Tiara & Crown elements : Drawing inspiration from royal regalia , @n_a_t_c consider to incorporate tiara 👑 & Crown motifs into statement pieces such necklaces & earrings.
•Historical References : Research the specific royal gardens that inspired @n_a_t_c to incorporate historical elements and architectural features into the designs.
•Material & Metals : @n_a_t_c always chose high quality materials such as gold plated 18k - 24K plated to@reflect the luxury associated with royalty.
•Limited Edition Pieces : Create the sense of Exclusivity
•Collaborations: @n_a_t_c considered to collaborate with botanical artists,historians for authenticity and added depth to the collection.
•Packaging and Presentation : Pay attention to packaging and presentation of the collection - Considering luxurious boxes & pouches that reflect the elegance and sophistication of royal gardens .

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