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Extravagant - chic multilayered necklace - essential for your own collectiom with Ventalia Element full crystallized with Swarovksi elements and central Moonstone Semiprecious stone.

- 2 Multilayered necklaces made with Original Swarovski elements multicolors and a base of 14 k Gold plated with anallergic treatment.

-Ventalias element is gold plated with clear Swarovski elements and a central Moonstone stone. 

The opalescent moonstone is a natural crystal mineral with the energy of the moon. The moon embodies yin feminine energy. Similarly, this stone promotes healing, balance and enhances your intuition.

Ventalia Element can be removed with a simple "click " and use the 2 layered swarovski necklaces as bases for everyday outfits. 

Ventalia element can be used as a necklace, pendant on bracelets, key accessorie, clothing accessorie and more.

Ventalias Couture Project layered necklaces

375,00 €Τιμή
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